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As a homeowner, you have an important decision to make. Roof systems not only protect the structural integrity but the contents of your home. It’s the first line of defense against the elements. Diversified Services offers 3 main types of residential roofing systems.

Shingle Roofing

Our homeowners want the best, therefore we offer the best. Owens Corning boasts more than 6 decades as a fortune 500 company, and we are proud be a Preferred Contractor. We’ve earned this distinction by meeting the highest standards and strictest requirements for professionalism and reliability set forth by Owens Corning.

Owens Corning was worked hard to create a strong system of components built on science and creative engineering. The Total Protection Roofing System® presents a unique, full system approach to developing the best roof system for protecting your home. The extensive training and experience that Diversified Services possesses gives you the confidence that your roof will be installed correctly, the first time.

There are many styles and colors available such as Architectural, Slate, Wood Shake Look, and Three-Tab Style. We’ll guide you smoothly through the selection process. Start today by calling 269-312-8804!

Metal Roofing

With a huge gain in popularity, metal roofing is a great choice for nearly every sloped roof. Homeowners have been selecting a metal roof versus a traditional shingle for a variety of reasons. The instant curb-appeal, energy efficiency, durability and a history of low-maintenance make metal roofing very attractive. While the initial expense can be higher, metal roofs often last more than 25 years.

Choosing between vertical leg structural or trapezoidal structural, and between concealed or exposed fastening systems can be complicated for any homeowner. Let Diversified Services guide you through the selection process and take the worry out of the decision.

Flat Roofing

While flat roofing on a residential home isn’t extremely common in Michigan, some designs do feature a flat section in the design. With the roof being generally level, the water can be less likely to move off the roof, potentially causing roofing issues.

Diversified Services offers the best in single-ply roof systems designed specifically for flat roofing. Along with Duro-Last, Inc. we offer roofs designed to work perfectly with your unique roof system. The membrane is extremely durable and is installed without disruption to your home. It is watertight, highly reflective, and resistant to high winds and fire. The extra benefit – it is a low maintenance system.

When your roof system passes its prime and is looking at the end of its useful life, call Diversified Services for your new roof, or roof replacement. We assist homeowners all throughout Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas throughout Southwest Michigan. Quotes are quick and free, call 269-312-8804.

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